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Track all your credit card points and miles in one place with The Points Guy’s new app

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Finding it hard to keep tabs on your miles and points? Forget about Excel spreadsheets. Now that the journey opens, a new app will allow users to start planning trips suspended due to pandemic in a more transparent way – by tracking and using rewards, all stored in one place.

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The Points Guy travel and entertainment media platform yesterday launched the TPG app, which has four key features according to the announcement:

  • The home screen allows users to customize their news feeds.

  • The Cards tab analyzes user credit card spending by category, provides information on points earned and missed, tracks credit card signup bonus progress, and introduces the card’s valuable benefits.

  • The Points tab shows users their hotel, airline, and credit card point and mile balances in one place, along with point status levels and expiration dates.

  • The Explore tab provides a search function for award trips and a tool that indicates whether to use money or points when booking a flight.

“We have spent the past 10 years helping people see the world. We’re excited to unveil this years-long app to help travelers better use their points and miles to make their travel dreams come true, ”said Brian Kelly, Founder and CEO of The Points Guy, in a press release. . “This app is revolutionary in that it gives travelers an end-to-end way to explore and master reward travel. I’ve seen hardcore employees follow the loyalty program rules in excel sheets and Post-it notes, so we’re excited that the app is making chaos systematic and hopefully getting more casual employees to participate. to follow-up.

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Kelly said the main purpose of the app is to get people to earn more points. “Especially with the pandemic, people are up to their gills in the points“He told CNBC.” They spend every day, but they don’t travel, so it creates a unique situation where there are so many points hanging around, and people don’t know how to use them. “

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Looking ahead, Kelly said he also anticipates a future web version of the application.

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Last updated: September 29, 2021

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