Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Tips to Teach Your Child to Save


The education of children is one of the great things parents give their children. Despite efforts, education is always a complex task that involves a lot of trial-and-error and that may give rise to some frustration.

In this article we will introduce you to 4 tips to help you reinforce the importance of saving with your child.

Never Forget to Give the Example

Never Forget to Give the Example

The main factor of education, be it financial or otherwise, is the example. If you do not give your example your words will fall into “broken bag”. Consumerist father will create a consumerist son (in most cases).

Try to see if your words are consistent with your actions and see if you need to change any of your behaviors or habits. Sometimes we appeal to the need to save money but we end up having the opposite behavior.

Turn off the TV

Turn off the TV

In a world of consumption like ours, children are bombarded with publicity and advertisements to appeal to consumerism. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, we leave the kids too much time in front of the television, getting in touch with the aggressive ads.

One suggestion may be to find other alternatives for children’s entertainment. Or if you have no alternative, why not opt ​​for DVDs and other cartoons? In this case it has no advertising and has the same effect of entertainment, while at the same time saving money at home.

Explain the Importance of Brands

Explain the Importance of Brands

As a result of the ads we talked about at the previous point, we ended up feeling that the value of people is in the mark of their things. Adults show this by the brand of cars, watches or clothes. The children, for their part, show it by their clothes, backpacks and mobile phones.

It is the parent’s role to show that brands have no value. Yes, there will be social pressure and children may run the risk of being excluded from their “friends” group. In this case you should be aware of your need to explain your decisions and talk to your child about your reasons. The children will notice if we explain them with affection.

Educating our children is an extraordinary task. I have three children (I will soon have the room) and it is a privilege given to me. But it is also a responsibility that requires study, dialogue and counseling with other parents and more experienced friends.

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