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Suicide following refusal of bank loan; Aid flows in the form of money, gold | vipin suicide in thrissur

Thrissur: People from all walks of life have come forward to help the family of Vipin (25), who committed suicide on Monday for not getting a loan for his sister’s wedding. The Majlis Park Charitable Trust in Thrissur has announced financial aid of Rs 2.5 lakh for the wedding of Vipin’s sister. In addition, Kalyan Jewelers announced that the girl will receive five sovereigns as a wedding gift and Malabar Gold will offer three sovereigns.

Meanwhile, Vipin’s sister’s fiance replied that her family had not asked for any dowry from Vipin’s family. He said he was unaware of the financial difficulties faced by the family.

The groom has stated that he will not be withdrawing from the wedding and that it will be performed after the final Vipin rituals are completed.

Vipin (25) hanged himself at his home after leaving his mother and sister at a jewelry store in Thrissur where they went to buy wedding jewelry together. He had applied for a loan from a bank for his sister’s wedding.

On Monday, he had gone to a jewelry store with his mother and sister to buy gold for the wedding after learning that his loan had been approved. After collecting the jewelry, Vipin left, assuring his family that he could come back with money immediately.

However, he was later informed by the bank that the loan could not be sanctioned. It is believed that the mental stress that followed this may have led to his suicide. The family later found themselves hanged in the house.