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Save as a Couple and You Will Double Your Savings | Loans

Sometimes it is impossible to save. Financial pressure can come from anywhere and it may seem that you will not achieve your savings goals – or that if it ever happens, it will take too long. However, there is one very simple way to stimulate your savings, and it is to save with your partner. By pooling your money together, you could potentially double your savings and halve your time to reach your goals.

Nobody wants to talk about money with their partner. Financial stress is one of the biggest causes of disputes and unhappiness in relationships. But usually this is because it is debt or irresponsible spending. This is not going to be one of those hostile conversations. This one is well intentioned!

This topic is aimed at the positive steps to save as a couple. By saving more, you will be able to spend more on what you want. Here’s an easy plan:


Collect all your income

Collect all your income

not just your existing savings – it’s just a starting point. What will be different is your ability to save together in the future. This is a potential income of two people and the time and attention of two people in budgeting and sharing these savings.


Schedule a Cost and Revenue Schedule

Schedule a Cost and Revenue Schedule

It’s important to know when and how much you expect to receive and spend. This will give you control over your money and can easily calculate the amount you want to save and the time it will take. Of course, unexpected costs often occur. You do not have to take on your savings if you have done well on your budget. You can take advantage of quick credit that is only granted against an ID card and does not even require an employment contract. This will give you quick money and pay off your debt, and by properly adjusting your income, you will be able to pay off your loan without taking any of your savings.

Another option is to find a part-time job that will earn you extra money.


Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals

One of the most common goals for any couple is for a deposit or a first home. You may have already achieved this and dream of an exotic vacation or a new car. For example, if you want to go on vacation next summer and know how much it will cost you – BGN 600, then you can easily calculate how much you need to save per month to afford the desired excursion. You split $ 600 per 12 months and get $ 50 per month.

These 3 steps for saving as a couple are a great start. Just remember to treat saving as a regular account that always has to be invested. With proper budgeting and responsible savings you will be able to afford the various extras.

It is recommended that when your balance does not go to the plus, you should borrow money.

However, taking it from a relative or friend is not the best idea. Keep this relationship clean and free from bad memories.

You can always take advantage of a payday loan from Derantum. This is an interest-free loan that Derantum offers to every first time customer. Proof of income is not required and is only granted against an ID card. Online credit is a good solution when you need money immediately.

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