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Paceline announces health and wellness credit card

Paceline Unified Wellness Platform Wednesday (October 20) launched the Paceline Card, which links credit card rewards and physical activity tracked by an Apple Watch.

The Paceline card, issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, promotes itself as “a unique credit card that links financial benefits with physical health” in the company announcement. Paceline cardholders can be reimbursed for their Apple Watch purchases, including the new Series 7 model.

Users who achieve 150 minutes of exercise per week will unlock rewards, increased cash back opportunities, and other perks.

“Rewards programs are essential loyalty drivers for credit cards, and they are developed to drive card business,” said Joel Liegeger, CEO and founder of Paceline, in the company announcement. “But Paceline is turning that model around.

“Our goal is to create a rewards program that focuses on physical activity and prioritizes the physical and financial health of the cardholder,” he said. “The Paceline card is the next major step in realizing our vision of a unified wellness platform, and we have chosen to pair our card with the Apple Watch – and close your activity rings – because it aligns with that fundamental vision. “

Tying financial benefits to increased physical activity means “we have the potential not only to dramatically improve the health of individuals, but also the nature of preventive health in our society,” said Lieginger.

The Paceline card is backed by the integrated platform of Banking-as-a-Service Railsbank.

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Liegeger spoke to PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster in July about Paceline’s plan for the Paceline card.

“We’re building this for the next generation connected consumer,” Liegeger said at the time. “The very idea of ​​our credit card is to encourage and promote consumers’ personal health and well-being journeys. “

The rewards, Lieginger told Webster, have helped credit card companies change Americans’ shopping, dining and travel habits for the past two decades. Paceline therefore created one that could change consumers’ health habits.



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