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Mumbai: man changes vehicle license plate to avoid paying bank loan, e-challans; stopped

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  • The man was unable to pay the loan installments
  • It has been reserved in various sections of the IPC
  • The man was arrested for committing the offense

Bombay: In another shocking incident of counterfeiting and cheating reported in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, a 38-year-old man identified as Shamshulla Mohammad Rafique Khan was taken into police custody for tampering with his license plate. vehicle.

The man took this step to avoid paying bank loans and e-challans issued for breaking traffic laws. The man allegedly took out the loan to buy his bicycle.

It was not until Wednesday that the Activa was brought to the Malad traffic division by the Mumbai traffic police. The vehicle was parked in a no-parking area and when the accused came to retrieve the two-wheeler, he was reluctant to show his driver’s license and other vehicle documents demanded by the cops.

As a result, the cops became suspicious and they started to check the details of the vehicle on the e-challan machine. To their surprise, they found that the original registration number of the two-wheeler varied and the accused used the number of a high-end motorcycle model.

An investigation was ordered as a result of the blunder and when asked about it, Khan added that he was unable to pay the loan installments he had taken out to purchase the two-wheeler, resulting in the ‘forced him to change his license plate.

According to the police officer, “By changing the license plate, he deceived the loan company as well as the police with the intention of not paying the loan and getting the traffic e-challan. It was reserved under Articles 420 (cheating) and 465 (forgery) of the Indian Penal Code ”, as quoted by the Indian Express.

Further questioning as part of the investigation revealed that the man had taken this extreme step to avoid receiving e-challans for a traffic violation. As a result, he was arrested for committing this offense.

Apparently, since Khan was using the license plate of another vehicle, so in the event of a traffic violation, in his place, the owner of the license plate he used got the e -challans.

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