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Live an unlimited life with the RCBC credit card

RCBC Bankard, the beloved credit card that aims to improve the lives of its cardholders, is now the RCBC Credit Card! And with this new name, the RCBC credit card promises to offer stronger and more attractive financial services and benefits that will allow cardholders to live an unlimited life.

The rebranded RCBC credit card aims to deliver an exceptional customer experience and value through its suite of “unlimited” lifestyle benefits. In partnership with digital app RCBC, it is poised to deliver strong digital solutions that will empower users to take control of their spending and finances.

According to Ma. Angela C. Mirasol, RCBC Bankard Services Corp. Senior Vice President and Head of Group Marketing, the new RCBC credit card is created for people who want to live life to the fullest.

“If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is to have a taste for life. For two years, everything was at a standstill. But now we have a chance to restart our lives. We are blessed to live our lives to the full. It is time for us to live an unlimited life. And with that, we’re offering the new RCBC Credit Card, the credit card that can help you live an unlimited life and gain new experiences with its amazing shopping, travel and dining benefits. Combined with the RCBC Digital application, it will allow you to manage your budget and your transactions anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks.

RCBC credit card users have access to the award-winning RCBC Digital app, which provides cardholders with up-to-date information about their credit card usage, such as their credit limit, outstanding balance, dates due date, last payment amount, reward points and last transactions, among others. The app also provides cardholders with a summary of their purchases, listed by category on a monthly and annual basis, to help them analyze and manage their spending.

The RCBC credit card also offers 0% UNLI payout, which allows cardholders to convert direct purchases made anywhere to three months of 0% payout or up to 36 months of payout with minimal interest . Meanwhile, the app’s Fast BillsPay feature allows cardholders to pay bills on demand or on an auto/recurring billing basis. And with its UnliPay benefit, cardholders can pay anyone, anytime via real-time funds transfers using their card’s available limit.

While keeping their finances under control, cardholders also benefit from exciting promotions, with amazing and flexible rewards that will allow them to get the most out of their purchases. RCBC Bankard Services Corp. President and CEO Arniel Vincent B. Ong underscored his commitment to cardholders to provide more relevant, engaging and personalized offers. “We are focused on using data and technology to better understand our cardholders and meet their needs based on their interests and life stage. The exceptional growth in card usage and receivables reflects our deep relationship with our cardholders. We are sincerely grateful for the endless trust of our cardholders and would like the RCBC Credit Card to be their indispensable partner when they dine and shop with loved ones, or when they travel the world and enjoy new experiences.

With RCBC Credit Card’s Unlimited Travel Adventure benefits, cardholders get access to airport lounges, free international travel insurance and free purchase protection. With its unlimited shopping experience, cardholders enjoy offers from partner properties while earning rewards points that they can redeem for cash back, airline miles, gift certificates, deposit banking, a payment on your card bill or even a donation to their favorite non-governmental organization. organization!

“As we restart our lives, it is only fitting that we rebrand our credit card to meet the new needs of our customers. The RCBC Credit Card is both a financial service and a lifestyle tool that will help our cardholders to live the life they want and have limitless experiences,” said RCBC President and CEO Eugene S. Acevedo.

The RCBC credit card is issued by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) and is managed by RCBC Bankard Services Corporation. The RCBC credit card comes with a series of awards from highly respected international awarding bodies. For this year alone, it was recognized as the best credit card initiative by the Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards 2022. Its Digital Loan product, which is available through the credit card, was rated Outstanding Digital CX – Loans by the Digital CX Awards 2022.

To apply for an RCBC credit card, visit any RCBC branch or go to