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Latest ranking of credit card application providers

Look Here Thrill Seekers: This is the PYMNTS Provider Rankings for Credit Card Apps. It is not an amusement park. It’s not a day at the beach, and not a jungle gym. This is serious business.

That’s what we would normally say at the start of this specific ranking, as credit card apps tend to stick rigidly to their ranks month after month. And while this update starts off in that typical sweet and stilted way, the end packs a big bang. Like tequila, but without the hangover.

Interest piqued, isn’t it? Excellent. This is the principle of manifest sensationalism.

Not that we would ever do such a thing. Now on to the ranking… before the asteroid hits.

The first five

Capital One takes number 1 for another cycle, like all products peddled by Samuel L. Jackson.

It’s, like, App Marketing 101. Try to keep up.

At number 2, it’s the Chase Mobile app. They stay at the top or near the top no matter what.

Your number 3 this time around is the same as last month: the patriotic-sounding Bank of America Mobile Banking app.

Another top five mainstay here is Wells Fargo Mobile, taking No.4 as a pony ride.

Ah, but now things are starting to get exciting and stray from their usual path.

It starts off innocently enough, with Credit One Bank Mobile staying at # 5 – its usual hangout – but it now finds itself in a rare tie at that level.

This comes in the form of Discover Mobile earning a spot to enter the top five.

Welcome, find out. Everything is free in our Top 5 VIP Lounge, so put your app away.

The Top 10

We continue with another winner. It’s American Express, up one position in the rankings to No.6.

The rise of applications continues with MySynchrony also on the rise, taking 7th place.

That’s a big deal when an app goes up two places in a single cycle, which is precisely what Cards – Mobile Wallet did, now occupying the # 8 spot. Continue this rally.

Now for the totally unexpected. Not one, but of them new apps are catapulting into the card rankings – and it’s a tie, which makes it even more fascinating for app geeks (like us).

Petal Credit Card App is new in PYMNTS Credit Card App Provider Rankings at No.9, along with another new arrival, Tally Credit Card Consolidation App. Tally-ho, yo.

We withdraw (and drop a position in the chart) is the FIRST credit card app at # 10.

It is the resilience of capitalism at work. Drop a place, but stay at the top (sigh).

Sorry to have everything foggy. This will (probably) not happen again.



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