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Last minute shopping for the holidays? Earn extra points with credit card shopping portals

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As the holidays approach, many buyers rush to buy gifts for loved ones. If you continue to shop, you may be able to do so online, from the comfort of your home. It is convenient and can save your time, but be sure to save more with your credit card rewards when you buy online. Using credit card shopping portals makes it easy to earn more reward points. Here’s how.

When you buy online, you can go straight to the retailer’s website to get what you need. But you can also log into your credit card shopping portal and then make your purchases.

These portals allow you to buy from big brands while earning credit card reward points, but these points are in addition to the rewards you would earn just for using your card. If you’ve never used these portals before, you’re missing out.

Here are some of the major credit card buying portals:

  • Chase cardholders can shop in the “Buy with Chase” area of ​​the Hunt the ultimate rewards portal.
  • Barclays cardholders can shop on the Barclaycard RewardsBoost portal.
  • Wells Fargo cardholders can use the Earn More Mall.

These portals are easy to use. You log in and find a retailer, and the shopping portal directs you to the retailer’s website to complete your purchases. Each business lists the number of points you can earn, and the payouts vary by retailer.

Your credit card can also help you save money

In addition to using shopping portals to earn bonus points, you can save money on your next purchase just by using your card. Some credit card issuers offer cashback offers, such as the Amex and Chase offers. You can usually find them by logging into your credit card account through the issuer’s website or mobile app. You will see the current offers available for participating brands.

Most card issuers require that you activate these offers first, so remember this step. Before proceeding with activation, check the terms and conditions: you may need to spend a certain amount of money or meet certain conditions. If you follow the terms of the offer, you earn money in the form of a credit on the statement.

If you shop online often, we also recommend that you learn more about cash back apps and browser extensions. A well-known cash back company that you might want to consider is Rakuten. For more ways to save money and spend less, check out our personal finance resources.

Credit card shopping portals and credit card deals are easy ways to earn extra reward points and save money. Who doesn’t like to save money during this busy time of year?

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