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DP invokes lobbyist Niira Radia in Yes Bank Loan Fraud


Did Niira Radia buy a one-way ticket to London to escape Yes Bank loan fraud?

Niira Radia and her sister Karuna Menon flew to London

After stopping her Co-directors, the economic offenses wing of Delhi Police (EoW) summoned controversial lobbyist Niira Radia in a bank loan fraud of over Rs. 300 cr. But we learn that she and her sister Karuna menon who is a director in the companies of the buzzed hospital group in London. Born in Kenya, Niira Radia is a British citizen. It is highly doubtful that she will join the investigation by landing in India when her two directors are arrested by the police.

On October 18, Delhi EoW police arrested three people Yateesh Wahaal, Satish Kumar Narula (directors of Nayati Healthcare and Research NCR Private Ltd) and Rahul Singh Yadav, owner of Ahluwalia Construction were arrested for taking out a loan from Yes Bank to build a hospital and later committed fraud.

Nayati Healthcare and Research NCR Private Ltd is a company started by controversial lobbyist Niira Radia and her sister Karuna Menon. After being taken in 2G Spectrum Scam in 2010 for her controversial lobbying tapes, Niira Radia concluded hospital company at the end of 2014 and most of his hospitals were inaugurated by his mentor Ratan Tata. In the name of the brand Nayati, she launched four companies from 2014 to 2018. These are Nayati Healthcare & Research Private Limited (August 2014), Nayati Healthcare & Research Agra Private Limited (August 2017), Nayati Healthcare & Research Amritsar Private Ltd (August 2017 ) and Nayati Health and Research NCR Private Ltd (May 2018).

PGurus in November 2020 published details of companies controlled by Niira Radia to defraud YesBank of Rs.650 crore & DHFL related to fraud and FIR registered by Delhi Police EoW. The complaint of the Doctors cheated by it and the companies it controls shows its complicity in all these frauds.[1]

Previous media had suppressed Radia’s role in the Yes Bank fraud, although its co-directors were arrested. It is well known that those arrested (her co-directors) Yateesh Wahaal, Satish Kumar Narula are close associates of Radia, and Yateesh’s interviews with her in Radia Tapes all took place in public domain.[2]

The references:

[1] Delhi police register complaint against lobbyist Niira Radia for fraud and embezzlement involving loan fraud of Rs. 650 cr from Yes Bank and DHFL repay – November 07, 2020,

[2] Delhi Police Arrest Co-Directors of Controversial Lobbyist Niira Radia in Rs. 300 Crore Bank Loan Fraud. But the media stifles his name – October 18, 2021,

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