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Company of Sakhi Mandal, bought papad weaving machine with bank loan.vnd – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

Company of Sakhi Mandal, bought papad weaving machine with bank loan.vnd – News18 Gujarati

Vadodara: Renuka Sakhi Mandal operates in the Lakshmipura-Gorwa district of the city and 10 sisters from common working class families are engaged in making papad, papdi, masala, chakli, dry snacks and farsan through this mandal for additional savings and income. However, the sisters of this Sakhi Mandal, established in 2017 under the UCD wing of the Metropolitan Municipality of Vadodara, were eager to do something unique.

His passion ended on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami. On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, as a new venture of Renuka Sakhi Mandal in India, the state-of-the-art weaving machine, Rs. 4 lakhs with low interest loan and government grant was set up and operational. Today was therefore the day of the victory of entrepreneurship for these working women. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as a powerful means of empowering women, has provided for the formation of self-help groups of sisters and the provision of low-interest loans through banks for them to can carry out economic activities. Renuka Sakhi Mandal is one of its links.

Alpa Godia, Head of Day-nulm Municipal Mission, said that this Sakhi Mandal was for the first time receiving Rs. 1 lakh credit support was provided for economic activities. Considering his regular repayments and after due verification of the papad making machine now Rs. 4 lakhs loan assistance has been provided. Under the Pandit Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission, in line with UCD guidelines, ICICI Bank has provided low interest and subsidized loans to the Mandal. Sangeeta Nishith Vanzari, the leader of this Mandal is very enthusiastic and active. We are committed to providing consumers with delicious and healthy papads using pure spices and flour, as well as cleanliness and hygiene, they say. Margin means the profit may be less, but we must provide quality papad to customer.

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At present, until the demand arises, if the customer brings their own flour, spices, etc., we will make papads by bearing the labor cost and Sakhi Mandal will also make and sell papads. We have ground and brought the pure spices required for papad from Maharashtra. This Sakhi Mandal also wants to install a spice grinder used in the kitchen in the future. People will love our papad and they are confident that we will easily repay the bank loan from the proceeds of the sale.

The sisters of this congregation make regular monthly savings and from the collected funds also give loans to member sisters for purposes such as social events, education of children at only 1% interest. The state government has made arrangements such as credit support, interest rate subsidy and linkages with banks to enable the Sakhi Mandals to undertake employment and income generating activities and enhance the economy. empowerment of women. Curry is venturing into new areas, which bodes well for female empowerment.

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