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Bank agent asks woman for ‘sexual favors’ for unpaid credit card dues

Aurangabad: In a shocking incident, a woman complained that third-party public sector debt collectors at the State Bank Of India (SBI) asked her for “sexual favors” instead of unpaid payments on her credit card account. credit.

The victim’s husband said the incident happened in February when the New Delhi-based recovery company, owners and agents of Incredible Management Services (IMS) behaved badly with his wife.

“They started with threats, then abusive language, then a direct text message with a written request for sexual favors with my wife to settle the unpaid bills,” the livid husband told IANS.

The 29-year-old has had an SBI credit card for three years and all bills have been paid regularly.

However, he said that an amount of around 21,000 rupees was on hold due to financial constraints faced by the family during the pandemic lockdown when he was virtually unemployed and the women’s accessory store. of his wife was closed for an extended period.

Aurangabad, Zone II Deputy Police Commissioner Deepak Gire said that an FIR was filed by the MIDC-CIDCO police station shortly after the incident and that an accused was registered under the 509 of the Indian Penal Code and had served notice.

“However, no arrests are made as the offense carries a prison sentence of less than 3 years… and investigations are ongoing,” Gire told IANS.

While the couple argued that the police did nothing for six months after the complaint was registered, the police suddenly restarted investigations in July.

“They asked me to accompany them to New Delhi to arrest the culprits – IMS CEO Dharmendra S. Kalra and his recovery agent Ranjit Kumar… mentioned.

It didn’t stop there and they practically forced him to take them for a darshan to the Vaishnodevi Temple in J&K before returning to Aurangabad – all at his expense.

“We came back after 4 days without any arrests as promised. On the contrary, the two police officers Laxman Rathod and Ghorpade disappeared for a few hours to meet the two accused and subsequently they tried to dilute our strong case, ”he alleged.

In the meantime, IMS agents reportedly created a fake Facebook profile, posted photos of the couple, branded the woman as “cowardly” and “available for paid sex.”

“We notified the police but it took them several weeks before any result. At that point our reputation was ruined in society, ”she said.

Despite repeated attempts by the IANS, Kalra and Kumar were not available on their five cell numbers provided in the police FIR.

The couple are saddened that despite so much evidence submitted, Aurangabad police have invoked soft sections and have only booked one person so far.

“The owner of the IMS is the main culprit, but the police are gentle with him. Why ? Was an arrangement made when the two agents met him in New Delhi? Asked the husband.

The duo called on police in Aurangabad to take the case seriously, to bring more serious charges against the CEO of IMS and the agent in order to avoid similar recurrences with other people.

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