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5 Credit Card Trends to Watch in 2022 | Personal finance

We could also see more recurring “birthday bonus” offers, especially among high annual fee cards aimed at enticing cardholders to stick around.

Choose Your Own Adventure Rewards

Many credit cards offer bonus rewards in specific spending categories. Increasingly, however, we’re seeing cards that give consumers a choice of these categories, and this trend towards personalization is likely to grow.

Some of these cards allow you to choose your favorite categories from a list, while others choose automatically for you, based on your main expenses for the month. Either way, it gives cardholders more control.

“Coupon Book” Rewards

On the other hand, ironically, some cardholders may need to take further steps in 2022 to realize the full value of their credit cards, particularly if they have premium cards with annual fees at three digits.

Sure, these cards can offer a long list of benefits to offset those fees…but will you be able to use them all? If it’s merchant-specific credits that are distributed in chunks, maybe not.

For example, your card may offer hundreds of dollars to invest in a gym membership. But this benefit may come in monthly increments and may only be valid for a specific gym business.